Community Parks

Public parks enable residents to gather, relax, socialize, and provides a safe and enjoyable environment for community and family recreation.  Although parks may have a host of common criteria, the key to a successful park is to discern the unique components and needs of the community for which it is designed.

The Challenge

Bayside Park hosted a popular wedding venue, had a beautiful waterfront view however, the City of Belleair Beach wished to increase the parks usage for community and family events.

The Idea

We facilitated Community meetings to learn the interests of area residents which included capitalizing on hosting local celebrations and events.  Suggestions included expanding the recreation facilities and adding a Boardwalk to highlight the native Marine ecology.

The Solution

Bayside Park’s beautiful intercoastal waterfront was enhanced to include a gazebo providing a beautiful backdrop for ceremonies, City events and concerts. The new amphitheater included seating for greater event enjoyment, and a covered shelter provided full event facilities for receptions.  New play equipment with full site furnishings expanded the family picnic and grilling areas.

Recreation features included the addition of a kayak launch, a tie into near-by tennis courts and a new boardwalk, drawing attention to the Marine interests.

An existing roadway was removed, creating a larger green space, allowing for the relocation of the basketball court.  Restroom facilities were added and parking expanded to accommodate the increase in park usage.

"Inspiring culturally rich landscapes that endure for future generations".