City Community Park

Blossom Lake Park was developed as an activity oriented Neighborhood Park, serving the recreational needs of the surrounding community.

The Challenge

Blossom Lake had become a neglected park with a host of issues that discouraged resident use, including inadequate parking, poor drainage, few attractive amenities and an existing lake that emitted harmful algae bloom causing bronchial irritation.  But the most significant issue facing this park was lack of visibility and access.  The Park was virtually concealed, surrounded by existing homes and invasive species overgrowth; a condition that attracted vandalism and the homeless.  A complete redevelopment was necessary.

The Idea

We proposed facilitating Community meetings to ascertain the needs and wants of area resident’s.  Sport fields, courts, children’s play equipment and security lighting, along with convenient parking were among the most requested amenities.  A possible connection to the nearby recreation trail was also proposed.

The Solution

An aeration fountain resolved the algae concern while creating an attractive water feature.  The park was equipped with new site furnishing such as drinking fountains, bike racks, seating, picnic facilities and security lighting.  Multi-age family oriented recreation areas were designed to provide numerous activities including, ADA children’s activity equipment, play areas, fitness/recreation equipment, horseshoe courts, health fitness trail and user interaction amenities.

A baseball diamond and basketball court were added, including parking close to each facility.  Retention ponds resolved the draining issues and most importantly, the connection made to the popular County bike and exercise trail now draws many new visitors.  Visibility and access was created by extending the main road through a vacant City lot, and removing the invasive plant materials.  Native, drought resistant Landscape materials were incorporated.

"Designing for the way we live"