City Infill Park

Highlighting Gas Light Alley as a spearhead project for the ‘City in-fill Park Programs’, demonstrating what can be accomplished throughout the city with community involvement.

The Challenge

A local Citizens group with limited finances, wished to renovate a neglected, unsafe downtown City service alley, consisting of asphalt, utility vaults and trash dumpsters attracting vagrants.

The Idea

Our focus was to draw the business and residential community to Gas Light Alley as a  place to stroll, relax and enjoy.  The area had a large pocket of local artists and fundraising interests appeared  positive.

The Solution

Provisions were made to relocate trash receptacles and security was improved at entrance and exit points of the alley, including lighting enhancement and visual maximization into the park. Community involvement helped to finance a memorial paver walkway, complete with a lush plant palette of flowering trees and shrubs.  Signage and gateways were integrated along with site furnishings and quaint street lighting.

Local artists were invited to provide sculptures, structural components including masonry columns, walls and other site features we added for interest. Gas Light Alley once again came alive with community activity and was transformed into a safe and attractive strolling streetscape.  It also was an example demonstrating how community residents and business leaders can  successfully work together to enhance their local community.

“A citizens group works to turn a dreary downtown alley into something beautiful”
~St. Petersburg Times