Residential Communities

Committed to an Earth-friendly philosophy, a local developer’s dream of building a sustainable living environment from roof-tops to walkways, was realized in this award winning project.

The Challenge

This Aurora award winning Eco-friendly project was to be the areas first certified green development and several benchmarks needed to be met to claim this certification.

The Idea

Criteria would include reduced water usage and run off, locate optional sources of water for irrigation, develop a plant palette of low maintenance, native species and utilize sustainable, Eco-friendly hardscape materials.  It was also essential to develop a means to encourage pedestrian traffic, connecting the community with the popular downtown amenities, inspiring residents to stroll to local retail, entertainment, churches and the near-by Blue Jay minor league stadium.

The Solution

The roads within this community consist of crushed oyster shell and permeable brick paver walkways allow water to penetrate the ground.  Grass areas were reduced; minimizing water consumption, a reclaimed water source, along with a low volume drip irrigation system services the community’s common areas.  Native, low maintenance plant materials were chosen, reducing yard waste and need for excessive fertilization.

The homes at Glencairn surround a landscaped community courtyard with ambient lighting, but residents also have a private sideyard for quiet relaxation and individual expression.  The Community paver pathway gently meanders through the center of the development and successfully connects resident pedestrians to a safe stroll to the downtown and enjoy its culturally rich amenities.

"The most walkable small community in America.” ~ 2008 Award Winner
“One of the Best Places to Live on the Coast.” ~Money Magazine

Recipient of 2 Aurora Awards by the Southeast Building Conference for Best Residential/Mixed-Use Development under 100 Acres, and Best Green Residential/Mixed-Use Development of any size.